Welcome to AM 1580 Rumsey Retro Radio!

 Rumsey Retro Radio is a hobby radio station operated by Bob Braaksma.

Started in 2009 as a neat way for Bob to share his antique radio show collection, it has grown into a popular local and internet radio station.

 Rumsey Retro is supported by Bob and a by the generosity

of listeners who choose to donate funds that help with monthly expenses and equipment & software upgrades.

 The real magic of the station is found in the many volunteer hours that are contributed by the hosts. And the positive responses of committed listeners.

 The station's broadcast is accomplished using two Apple computers with specialized software. The terrestrial signal is sent from the computer through a Tascam mixer and then a studio interface system and out to a Chez radio AM transmitter located next to Bob's house on a 55 foot tower.

 The internet stream is sent out using a streaming software then out to the world on a "wimax" internet system which is a unique (not always reliable) type of internet connection available in our remote location. Thanks for listening!

Time Converter

Daily Schedule. (subject to change without notice).

Time MSTCategoryShow
5:00 AMMystery / ThrillerLux Radio Theater
5:30 AMMystery / ThrillerLux Radio Theater
6:00 AMFamily ComedyThe Great Gildersleeve
6:30 AMFamily ComedyFibber Mcgee and Molly
7:00 AMWesternsGunsmoke
7:30 AMWesternsThe Lone Ranger
8:00 AMMystery / ThrillerMutual Radio Theatre
8:30 AMMystery / ThrillerMutual Radio Theatre
9:00 AMPolice / DetectiveDragnet
9:30 AMPolice / DetectiveBroadway is my Beat
10:00 AMPolice / DetectiveLet George Do It
10:30 AMPolice / DetectiveRichard Diamond
11:00 AMMystery / ThrillerThe Whistler
11:30 AMMystery / ThrillerSuspense
12:00 PMMystery / ThrillerCBS Radio Mystery Theatre
12:30 PMMystery / ThrillerCBS Radio Mystery Theatre
1:00 PMFamily ComedyOur Miss Brooks
1:30 PMMystery / ThrillerTheatre Five
2:00 PMMystery / ThrillerLux Radio Theater
2:30 PMMystery / ThrillerLux Radio Theater
3:00 PMFamily ComedyThe Great Gildersleeve
3:30 PMFamily ComedyFibber Mcgee and Molly
4:00 PMWesternsGunsmoke
4:30 PMWesternsWild Bill Hickock
5:00 PMSuper HeroThe Adventures of Superman
5:30 PMLOL ComedyHancock's Half Hour
6:00 PMLOL ComedyYou Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx
6:30 PMSuper HeroCrime Classics
7:00 PMSuper HeroBoston Blackie
7:30 PMSuper HeroThe Shadow
8:00 PMPolice / DetectiveYours Truly Johnny Dollar
8:30 PMMystery / ThrillerEscape
9:00 PMMystery / ThrillerThe Whistler
9:30 PMMystery / ThrillerSuspense
10:00 PMMystery / ThrillerCBS Radio Mystery Theatre
11:00 PMMystery / ThrillerNightfall
11:30 PMMystery / ThrillerTBA
12:00 AMPolice / DetectiveLet George Do It
12:30 AMPolice / DetectiveRichard Diamond
1:00 AMPolice / DetectiveDragnet
1:30 AMPolice / DetectiveBroadway is my Beat
2:00 AMMystery / ThrillerThe Whistler
2:30 AMMystery / ThrillerSuspense
3:00 AMMystery / ThrillerCBS Radio Mystery Theatre
3:30 AMMystery / ThrillerCBS Radio Mystery Theatre
4:00 AMScience FictionTBA
4:30 AMMystery / ThrillerTheatre Five / TBA

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