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Orson Welles Commentaries

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“Orson Welles Commentaries (1945–46) is an ABC radio series produced and directed by Orson Welles. Featuring commentary by Welles, with reminiscences and readings from literature, the 15-minute weekly program aired Sunday afternoons at 1:15 p.m. ET beginning September 16, 1945. Lear Radio sponsored the program through the end of June 1946 when it failed to find a larger audience. The series was continued by ABC as a sustaining show through October 6, 1946. Orson Welles Commentaries was the last of Welles's own radio shows. “ From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orson_Welles_Commentaries


45-09-16: The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, Bullfighting, Korea

45-09-23: Fortune tellers, GI entertainment in the Atomic age, food shortage in Europe

45-09-30: Ike and Britain, Patton's peace for Germany, Truman's "little man" act

45-10-07: Nazi tribunals, GI Bill of Rights, Hollywood parties

45-10-14: Ike and Patton, competitive nationalism, No Man is an Island

45-10-21: Little Boy in China, British confusion machine, Corinthians Ch 13

45-10-28: Williams Hall guest hosts, talks of brewing civil war in China

45-11-04: OSS, the future CIA, possible war with Russia

45-11-11: Broadcast from Welles' house, letter from Louis Armstrong with jazz music

45-11-18: Zutty Singleton, British suppression of Indonesian freedom fighters, Sleeping Beauty

45-11-25: Fortune telling lobbyists, possible attack on USSR, Ike's Thanksgiving

45-12-02: Broadcast from Chicago, Oklahoma City flight holdover

45-12-09: Broadcast from Treasure Island Naval Base in San Francisco

45-12-16: Fortune telling, Russia and Iran, Virginia and Santa Claus, HUAC

45-12-23: Broadcast from Mexico City, Stone of the Sun

45-12-30: Broadcast from Miami, International brotherhood of magicians, a night at Chichen Itza

46-01-06: Epiphany story surrounding the birth of Jesus, plight of many US veterans

46-01-13: Free Lear radios, advertising on Broadway and New York

46-01-20: A Walk in the Sun, unemployed vets and rich war profiteers, the plight of blacks in America

46-01-27: Tribute to FDR, Truman's advisors bow to big business, audience gullability and freedom

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